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Eating Maine, with a Side of Thanksgiving

Maine and food have always gone hand in hand, Wherever you go, the south, mid-coast, down east, central, mountains, lakes region, wherever  you end up you can get a better than expected meal.   If only to prove my point, … Continue reading

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Day at the Fair

Hello again, it seems like forever since we last put up a posting – sorry about that, life and a wet basement got in the way of sharing our most recent outing, the Montgomery County Fair. Fairs can’t help but … Continue reading

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Homemade Pasta

Even though I ate almost exclusively Italian food as a child, I didn’t grow up making pasta at home.  My 100% Irish mother (hi Mom!) is an amazing cook, and perfected the Italian family favorites, but for some reason we … Continue reading

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Pizza, the great go-to food

(Quick kitchen update– as you may have noticed from the silence, things have slowed down.  We’re so close we can taste it…but not quite there yet) We have been trying to stay positive about our lack of a fully-functional kitchen … Continue reading

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Lobsterfest 2010

I opened my email this morning to find a message from offering me 70% of a lobster claw pot holder.  I really don’t know why Amazon thinks I want one of these, but it did remind me that I … Continue reading

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Dinner at Jackie’s

By all accounts Thursday should have been Friday. The week should have ended and the festivities of the holiday weekend should have begun. But it was Thursday. So to help raise our spirits we thought we would head out and … Continue reading

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Friday Photog

We here at Wine & Swine hope that you are all enjoying reading as much as we are writing.  To stay up to date with our adventures, subscribe to the blog! (Just follow the subscription link at the top of … Continue reading

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