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Eating Maine, with a Side of Thanksgiving

Maine and food have always gone hand in hand, Wherever you go, the south, mid-coast, down east, central, mountains, lakes region, wherever  you end up you can get a better than expected meal.   If only to prove my point, … Continue reading

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Philadelphia – City of Brotherly love (and food)

Its been quite a while since we last regaled you all with our culinary adventures.  So we will take a quick step back in time all the way back to Labor day weekend.  We decided that we could use a little bit … Continue reading

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For the love of olive

In our house we covet wine and swine (hence the blog’s name), and olive oil.  It’s used in just about everything we cook.  In fact, it wasn’t until college that I realized that not everyone has a bottle of olive … Continue reading

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Blogs, Bloggers and Wedding Pictures

So yesterday, while trying to avoid the inhospitable heat and humidity of our DC Summer, Julie and I were surprised and excited to see that our wedding coordinator Candice had posted a great entry on her Jubilee Events blog all … Continue reading

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Friday Photog

We here at Wine & Swine hope that you are all enjoying reading as much as we are writing.  To stay up to date with our adventures, subscribe to the blog! (Just follow the subscription link at the top of … Continue reading

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A Birthday Post (belated)

Alas, our trip has come to an end, but we still have a few more stories to share.  Enjoy. In celebration of Jason’s birthday we continued our walking tour of the city.  We returned to the Boquiera for omelets-the first … Continue reading

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More Walking than Eating

If you knew us, you would think from the title of this posting that we did not do a whole lot of eating on Monday.  Well, we ate a lot.  When we travel we tend to explore by foot- wandering … Continue reading

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