Kitchen Reveal!

We are 99% done with the kitchen renovation.  The contractor still has some minor things to do this week, but we are up and running, and ready to present the final project.

Let’s first remind ourselves where we started, just three weeks ago.  It looked something like this:

And here’s where we ended up:

And all it took was:

  • New suite of appliances (goodbye old stove)
  • Recessed lighting and pendant lights (goodbye humming lights)
  • Granite countertops and a new sink, faucet, and soap dispenser
  • Glass tile back splash
  • New stools for the island
  • Updated cornice (goodbye outdated waves)
  • New hardware for the cabinets
  • Fresh paint
  • And a special shout-out to the important things you can’t see:  updated electrical, a gas line for the fancy new stove, water line for the icemaker and water in the fancy new fridge
  • A great, helpful, and detail-minded contractor (probably the most important on this list!)

Phew!  I guess that was a lot in a short amount of time.  Well worth it.  We are just in love with the finished product.  The glass tile was a great choice, if we may say so ourselves, and the appliances are fantastic.  We’re very excited to break it in (and started this weekend…post to come tomorrow)!

And, just because one photo isn’t ever enough:  

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3 Responses to Kitchen Reveal!

  1. Amy says:

    It looks beautiful! I love the glass tile and the updated lighting. Mazel tov!

  2. Gorgeous- well done! Now, if you get working on your gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free, rice, potato, carrots, green beans & beef-free recipes, we’ll invite ourselves around for dinner!

  3. Marilyn says:

    Kudos!! It all looks great.

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